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Don’t blame me if you are bombarded with a whole load of pictures that might make you envious. Please read and view at your own risk. You may even find yourself booking a getaway to the Caribbean by the time you finish viewing this post.

Hermitage Bay was our first stop and we didn’t know what was coming our way. White sands, clear turquoise waters, bags full of sunshine and insane amounts of watermelon daiquiri’s and pina colada consumption summed up out time at Antigua.

I am not sure if words do justice to this island, see for yourself.



This is for real. I literally had to pinch myself sitting on the plane.


The drive to Hermitage bay is a bit rocky as to maintain the exclusivity of the resort they haven’t developed the nearby roads. However we were blown away by the view as soon as we entered the lobby. We were greeted by a lovely lady who checked us in by handing over a couple of glasses of mojito’s.


View from the room. Couldn’t get enough of it! Don’t forget to ask for suite no 26, it has the most stunning view of the bay from your infinity pool. Best place to sip some of those delicious pina coladas.


More from the room. The hotel had a panoramic view of both the bay and the harbour.


I always check out the bathroom first and this one didn’t let me down. The bath overlooking the ocean made for a perfect setting.


Missing those beach chairs and suite 26 perched on the hill.


We couldn’t resist, excited like little children who hadn’t slept the previous night. Finally the holiday had begun and we were on one of the most stunning beaches I have ever visited. Even though in Antigua none of the hotels had private beaches this one felt like one as it was on the southern end of the island not frequented by either locals or tourists, I guess not developing the roads came in handy.



Turquoise and gold!


Sunshine vibe!


And gallons of cocktails….


Demanded a selfie and……


Some posing.

As A said ‘are you a good model or am I a better photographer’ who knows… But the stunning location definitely made for some great pictures and memories for a lifetime.

What I didn’t do this time was take any food shots, probably too involved in capturing the the fifty shades of blue in paradise. However the food was delicious, all the veg and fruits came from the hotel’s organic gardens and we tried numerous new varieties of fish which were caught every morning. The menus changed daily so we didn’t feel the need to step out and the chef came to us every other day to ask if you we would like anything special on the menu.

I was always a believer of Indian hospitality but I think this time around the Caribbeans may have just left us slightly behind.

I can hear you clicking away, just go ahead and plan a holiday.